Nuture Nature

Nurture Nature

For the past 2 months I have been juggling work and photography class at West Visayas State University (cheapest tuition fee ever). Basically, I wanted to have beautiful pictures of myself haha kidding aside of course to use my SLR properly! but it seems like the table was turned around I am the one taking pictures! First few days of school was a bit boring, but was a great way to reminisce high school  and college days from election of officers to taking down of notes made me feel like a real student once again (not to mention meeting new friends). We were informed that we will be having series of trips for our practicum and the first destination was in Guimaras, Ambakan Falls. Fresh from the night shift (6am) I try to wake myself up just to reach our destination not to mention we have to walk for 1km!... The sleepiness, tiredness and all that was forgotten when cool breeze, sound of water flowing, birds chirping and beautiful scenery welcomed us in this hidden oasis. Here are the photos that I have taken. Haven't decided what photo to submit for my professor. If you can leave a comment on what photo to submit, it is very much appreciated.

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