Year End Beach Party


The bitch is at the beach again! Wow! I didn't expect that its gonna be that fun since I was prompt at a very short notice. Oh well, I can't say no to beach party. We went to Alubihod, Guimaras Island for a day trip, it's been 3 years I think the last time I was there and the place is improving very well. The moment we sat down while I was doing my retouch for my mandatory Lookbook post, there it was the sound of bottles popping let the drinking begin! hahaha! We were dancing, flirting with the locals and of course a karaoke machine is right beside our table how good can it gets? After a super heavy lunch we went boating. It was my first time to do island hopping in that area and I was super amaze by how beautiful the place was. There are several resorts to choose from in that area, some were super exclusive and some were budget friendly! I was also shock to see that are a lot of foreign tourist that were there in their own private beaches almost naked! Our tour guide was fantastic they brought us to this amazingly big and beautiful cave, Sea Turtle sanctuary and dive spots. As we are heading back to our resort the sun starts to fall and seeing it makes me feel at peace, relax and dream to the sun. Here are some of the photos I took from the trip. When will be the next Swept Away? 

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